Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Sketch Files 4

Just before Christmas I completed the fourth entry in my absurd sketch webseries called The Sketch Files.

I'm always excited to experiment in this series, and really enjoyed doing so in The Sketch Files 4, with a new style and some new themes and some different ideas.

We hope you enjoy this strange little horror story.

Performing in Black Comedy & Love's Labour's Lost

In November and December 2018 I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to act in two bright, lively and hilarious plays. Both were directed by Tony Rive and presented in Darwin's Browns Mart Theatre.

First came Darwin Theatre Company's Black Comedy, a tight and fast piece of British absurdity with some really fun physical gags:

Then came Corrugated Iron's production of Love's Labour's Lost, a strange little Shakespeare, which was presented at Browns Mart alongside an excellent production of Animal Farm.

I was also honoured to be given the opportunity to create the television advertisement for Corrugated Iron's shows, which you can view here:

Unreal amounts of fun making these shows with so many cool people.