Monday, 10 September 2018

Darwin Fringe Show: Vaudeville Knockout

Yes, this was the sequel to the 2017 Fringe show I was a part of, "Vaudeville Variety".

This was several months ago now, but better late than never!

Vaudeville Knockout took the production to new heights for two evenings of wacky old-fashioned humour at Darwin's Brown's Mart Theatre. Many of the same cast and crew returned, but the characters were honed and polished a little further.

Russell (Charlie Chaplin) practising his boxing with new co-star Josh (Buster Keaton)
Russell and myself performed Who's on first again, just like last year. And of course there were songs and there was comedy and a big silent comedy set piece in which I played the villain.

I'm the one with the massive cape and hat and pirate cat
Thanks to all the lovely cast and crew, and of course everyone who came along to see the show. In many ways these ambitious little Fringe shows with a lightning-fast turnaround and little-to-no external support are more exciting than anything else.

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