Saturday, 27 January 2018

Excuse me but, We're Family Now

It's all very exciting. Nathaniel Kelly's debut feature film "We're Family Now" is going to be premiering at Darwin Cinema next week! I'm very proud to be assistant director and sound recordist. It's a lovely little drama with a bunch of heart.

Nathaniel directs stars Phil and Joseph, while Max weirdly hovers in the background
If you happen to be a resident of Darwin, you can book tickets here.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Making a Vignette

"Vignette" is an experimental (well I mean, they're all experimental aren't they?) short film I've been working on, which introduces ideas I'd love to expand into a much larger work down the track. I suppose it's a fantasy/adventure/drama concept. Involves a group of girls who fight demons, I mean why not?

I've been thinking about these ideas for a few years now. It's wonderful to see it become something tangible. Here's a little demonstration of the progression from my sketches to the real life actors!

I expect to share this wacky short film next month.