Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dance Academy film review

Dance Academy was a pretty big hit among people my age when it aired on Australia's ABC TV a few years back. Now they've made it into a full-fledged movie. Of course I was excited to see it and record a little podcast discussion about it.

Listen above or click here to find more episodes of You Are What You Watch.

Seabreeze Festival antics

A few days ago the annual Seabreeze Festival was held at the Nightcliff foreshore in Darwin. This year my pimp Jennifer Dowling roped me into performing some monologues from the Spoken Word Stage, which she ran masterfully with a varied lineup of poets, singers and storytellers.

The canopy buckles under the strong breeze as honoured guest speaker Kate Holden shares some words

It was a lovely afternoon. Basically the Seabreeze Festival is just such a brilliant event. The weather's great this time of year, and the setting is superb; blue sky and blue ocean was our exotic backdrop.

The palm trees buckle under the strong breeze as myself says things

I mostly shared some monologues which I already had pretty much learned from previous projects, which were primarily by Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard.

The night concluded with an excellent excerpt from a show by Jazmine Productions

Cheers and congrats to JD and Samara Erlandson and everyone involved, good times.

Sideshow Sound does Rogue One Score Guide

I'm an enormous fan of so many podcasts, and Sideshow Sound Radio is one of the big ones. One of their coolest projects is a series of "Score Guide" episodes, in which they present and discuss the entirity of a beloved soundtrack, including clever insights and a range of opinions. To make these episodes hosts Wendell Jones and William Dodson regularly seek contributions from listeners. So when I heard they were doing a new Score Guide on Michael Giacchino's fabulous Rogue One, I thought I'd better send something in.

The episode is out today, and it's excellent, and sure enough you can hear a little bit of me towards the end. Here's a link to the show.

I find these podcasts so enjoyable and relaxing; it feels like listening to a full album of superb music with other people who love it just as much as I do. Which is very special because honestly, how many people do you come across in everyday life who listen to film soundtracks every day?

Not many.