Saturday, 4 March 2017

Two New Podcasts: Movies and Memes

You know me, always keen to try a podcast.

Here are the first episodes of two new podcasts I just started, with hopefully many more episodes on the way!

The first is You Are What You Watch, a podcast for the charitable discussion of films, TV and occasionally games. I say charitable because I'm very keen to give bad movies a bit of respect. Even horrible movies are hard to make, and have their merits. That's irrelevent here though, because the first film we talk about is the fantastic Logan. Listen to the episode below, or go to the show's page here.

The other podcast is called Memeology. Memes are absolutely everywhere on the internet these days, and there are new ones popping up all the time in all kinds of places. In this podcast we casually study some of our favourite memes. Listen below or go to the Memeology page here.

As expected, there are a few audio issues in these programs, but I hope you enjoy them anyway! I can't wait to continue and improve them!

These shows aren't on iTunes just yet, but should be shortly.