Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New Website (Again)

Feels like only last year that I had a brand new website (it was).

The website you're currently looking at (unless you're pretty far into the future, in which case hi can mobile phones do 3d printing yet?) is the latest website I'll be using to share with you whatever trouble I get up to so that you can feel like a co-conspirator (or alert the authorities). It was built with blood, sweat and Drew Collins. It's nice and green and makes it very easy to see my latest Projects and Blog posts.

Just like last year though, I feel the need to tip my hat to my previous website. It had charm. Its existence was marvellous and, like all great things, brief.

Change is good unless it's bad.

A Prequel to Conductor of Earth

I've had a fair bit of fun making the short film Conductor of Earth, and since it won't be publicly viewable for a while yet I decided to follow in the footsteps of George Lucas and Peter Jackson, and do a prequel. And that prequel is called Miracle Man.

Miracle Man introduces Conductor of Earth's titular character, Aidan, and explores some of the activities he got up to before the film.

It's available both as an eBook and an Audio Drama (read by some very cool people). Jump over to the project page to get it now!

Hope you enjoy! And huge thanks to everyone who helped make it!

Monday, 28 November 2016

I Was Interviewed Again On

Well the title says it all, really. My good friend continues to run his legit blog called Wait! What? Sorry., where he did a fun interview with me a few years ago. Well he's interested in all this Conductor of Earth stuff I'm working on, so he interviewed me again a couple of weeks ago. The result is now up and available for your reading pleasure on his website.

Speaking of Conductor of Earth (and lately, when am I not?), there's some cool new stuff coming this week.