Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Student Film: Conclusion

Six days remain before we have to submit a cut of this short film to the university. Sinch.

At this point we've picture-locked, the sound edit is half done, the original score is nearly final (woot!) and the colour grade is coming along nicely.

Keen readers may have noticed the way I wooted at only one of the items in that list. Yeah, it's all good stuff but the score is my favourite. Music is what inspires me to make films, so it's extremely important to me for the final product to have something good. I'm very glad to have accidentally stumbled across the YouTube channel of one English gentlemen called Thomas Field earlier this year. From his videos I could quickly determine that I liked his style and his sensibilities. Luckily he agreed to compose for Conductor of Earth, and despite giving him very little time to actually pull it together, he has seemingly effortlessly produced a wonderful thematic score for the film. It's a very particular and magical sensation the first time you hear music someone has created to accompany a story and characters you made up.

So anyway that's going well. And we've done lots of editing on the film, obviously. We've also had many watch it and they've given us lots of feedback. Much of the feedback is conflicting and therefore frustrating and difficult to process, but that's to be expected. We live in such a subjective world.

This has brought us to crafting quite a streamlined, cut-down version of the film, which is all good and fine, but in typical director fashion I look forward to playing around with an expanded cut in the future.

A new poster featuring the handsome lead and a bunch of names.
A new poster featuring the handsome lead and a bunch of really great names
Sorry to pull a twist on you but the title of this blog post was a lie. This isn't really the conclusion of this production journey. I mean, we're not even out of post-production yet, let alone getting the film out there and seen by people. And you! You should most certainly have a watch. I like you.

Anyway ta ta for now.