Thursday, 31 March 2016

Cue Awards 2015

Another year of The Cue Awards is officially finished! For those that aren't aware, The Cue Awards is an annual celebration of the best in original music for films, television and video games. It's run by Tracksounds, and the nominations are decided by the Tracksounds team (of which I am a part).

This was another spectacular year in original scores, and it was incredibly tough to narrow down the nominations. There are certainly a few big names that didn't make it, but the final nominations (and winners) are undoubtedly worthy. And as always there are a few titles that have been under-appreciated by general audiences, and The Cue Awards is an excellent way to give them a little limelight!

Dance over to the official Cue Awards website to listen to the award announcement show! Later today there will also be a reaction show published, in which a few of the Tracksounds team discuss the outcome.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Two Comedy Shows in Melbourne

I am writing to inform you that during this month of March in the year of our Lord 2016 I will be performing in two comedy plays in Melbourne.

The first is a short play in Moreland Theatre Company's "Two Pairs of Shorts" at The Butterfly Club. Here's the event on Facebook. I play a pretty dim guy stuck in the boot of a car. It's a bit'a fun, written and directed by Matt O'Reilly and Silvi Vann-Wall.

Second comes a play by Brendan Black of Bon Voyage Productions. "Trotsky and Friends" is an original comedy set in a Café in Austria in 1913. It stars an ensemble of lovable misfits featuring Freud, Lenin and Stalin. I play the unfortunate waiter of this Café. And again, I'm dim. Why would you want to see me any other way? Anyway, this show's a part of the Melbourne Internationall Comedy Festival this year, and more details are over on the Facebook event page.