Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review of "Frozen Planet" Soundtrack by George Fenton

Another soundtrack review! This time for BBC's big Arctic documentary, Frozen Planet.

Click here to waddle over to the review on the Tracksounds website.

Penguins are pretty great.

Yours giddily,

Review of

Ever wished there was a neat, organised and fun way to keep track of all the TV and films you watch? Enter Trakt.

Trakt is a website which compiles every single film and TV show (using solid databases such as TVDB). The free service allows you to perform a multitude of actions with this library of content. You can add things to your "watchlist", you can rate things, you can post comments or reviews. Everything you'd ever want is here on Trakt. And all of this is displayed with beautiful, large screens from each show or movie. Overall, the whole website has a brilliant, luxurious layout.

The service makes keeping track of what you've seen and what you want to see simple as a plate. Especially in regards to TV shows, which can get complicated with their seasons and special one-off episodes etc. With Trakt, you can see exactly what you've seen and where you're up to - even when the next episode is coming out.

Friday, 5 April 2013

One Video To Rule Them All?

Trailers are excellent because they can make no sense. This is why I made one for my YouTube channel.

That's right, my Thoroughmas YouTube channel, where the cardboard set is wobbling in the background while the actors actor presenter slave stutters over his illogical lines about something entirely meaningless. But hey, it's all for good natured fun! Well, mostly good natured fun... occasionally I use violence against stuffed toys to tackle real post-modern social issues.

You can watch the new trailer right here:

Yours incredulously,

Review of "Snitch" Soundtrack by Antonio Pinto

This score may be nothing to write home about, but then I'm not writing home - I'm writing to the internet, where all opinions are accepted with joyful objectivity and open arms and *ahem* I should just end this sentence now.

Click here to read my full review of the music behind Snitch!

You may notice I titled the piece, "Perhaps Snitch Has a Niche?" If you pronounce the word niche correctly, please forgive me. Yes, I've sold my soul to the devil for a cheap rhyme.

Yours nonplussedly,