Thursday, 22 November 2012

Outside The Underappreciated's Studio: Episode 1

Inspired by the power struggle that is talkback radio, I created this little spoof radio interview. "Outside The Underappreciated's Studio" is hosted by the unstoppable Bill Lipton, a radio personality who brings unappreciated community heroes onto his show in order to tear them apart.

I pulled this first episode together pretty quickly in order to see if the idea had any merit as a podcast-esque product. I'm currently undecided, but tentatively hopeful. I'll keep building my ideas for possible future episodes.

Listen to the first episode here:

Hopefully I'll have enough inspiration pulsing through my veins to follow this up with some more interviews by Bill Lipton in future weeks.

Yours psychotically,

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why The Government Should Increase Spending on the Space Program

Right now there is frozen moon orbiting Jupiter called Europa. Underneath its surface of ice is a liquid ocean. Who knows what unimagined ecosystems might exist in those oceans? Someday, somebody who was inspired as kid is going to drill down to explore those oceans. If we are smart in our choices then those kids could still be our own.

This year in America, 79 billion dollars were spent on Education. 84 billion dollars were spent on Health. And eclipsing both of these, a massive 683 billion dollars were spent on defense and military, including funding for war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Far below this is something which is far more beneficial to us all, something which has changed all our lives several times throughout history. Space exploration.

Review of "Skylanders: Giants" Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe

This soundtrack is a delightful little surprise. I had very little familiarity with both Lorne Balfe and the Skylanders franchise before writing this review. I'm now a bit of a fan.

Click here to read my review over at Tracksounds.

Yours merrily,