Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Google Music: Why Aren't You Amazing?

I'm not going to be going into that much depth here, but I've recently begun my involvement with Google's inevitable endeavor into the digital audio world, ironically named Google Music.

I'm accessing the service from here in Australia, where it's not yet officially available, but it's fairly easily to jump in anyway. But I should note this doesn't give you access to the store where you can purchase music, that's still only available in the US. Typical.

Quick & generic explanation of Google Music: "Google Music is about discovering, purchasing, sharing and enjoying digital music in new, innovative and personalized ways. We automatically sync your entire music library—both purchases and uploads—across all your devices so you don't have to worry about cables, file transfers or running out of storage space."

It's very similar to iTunes Match, which I also use and enjoy.

The most notable difference so far is the ridiculous upload time required by Google Music. To upload your entire music library it could take literally days, whereas iTunes Match simply 'matches' many tracks - making upload times incredibly pleasant.
Lemme break it all down:

Goo Gel Moo Sick- Free, which is less expensive than not free
- The web interface is clean, and launches faster than the bulk that is iTunes
- Stream music without having to save it to your PC/device

Wow, they're some shiny headphones!

Eye Tune Zed Ma Itch
- Track matching means uploading music is 150 billion times faster
- Downloads and manages podcast feeds (I love podcasts!)
- Smart playlists, which are possibly even smarter than me
- iTunes Store is far more widely available
- Epic syncing with iPods

Speaking of shiny ... who polished my weird-sci-fi-music-button-thing again?

Overall I'd have to say iTunes Match is currently pretty far ahead in this Match-off (get it? Match-off? Match? iTunes Match? Ahahaha yeah that was terrible ...). Google Music is nice, and I do want to like it, but it has some catching up to do.

Well, that's my impressions so far. I'm going to continue using both services for my music-listening-goodness. And it'll be interesting to try Google Music on an Android device soon, and compare that with iTunes Match on my iPod Touch. Until then,

Yours unmistakably,

ps. I'm not even thinking about Amazon's music-in-the-cloud service yet. Ugh, that's too many options for my poor, indecisive little mind.

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