Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Dream I Had Last Night

And hopefully you won't find it dull. I know that many a time people are, by their social respectfulness, forced to listen to entirely uninteresting dreams that others feel the need to share. But seriously, I found this one pretty freaky.

As is oft the way with dreams, this visceral adventure lacked detail, structure and any comprehensible characters. The ideas explored by this dream were backed by a soundtrack of dread. My dread. I certainly felt some relief when waking into reality today (which is actually not often the case - I usually have comforting dreams).

Anyway, in the dream I was being taken somewhere to get an injection. Not just any injection though. This needle in my arm would send me on a holiday to visit relatives. One magic drug into my body and I'd be instantly in another part of the world without having to travel. My everyday life would freeze in the background.

As various wavering apparitions of my family members tried to get me to take this drug-journey with them I was overwhelmed by the finality of that injection. One prick then my whole life would essentially disappear. 'Twas pretty freaky. I think I'd personally prefer to fly.

So what have I learned from last night's 8 hour slumber?
  • I have a fear of holidays?
  • Drugs are bad?
  • My family is evil?
  • Santa Claus isn't real? No wait that's ridiculous of course he's real.
  • Nothing?
Let me know if you'd be interested in this incredible new teleportation drug. Or, if you want to share any of your recent dreams with me, I'll definitely read them and possibly even use my immense wisdom to tell you what they mean.

Yours inescapably,

PS. I just remembered that I also had a dream about some weird man breaking into my house and I had to call the police. Must've been a hectic night for my subconscious.

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